BoxSea Group

BoxSea is a fast growing seafood brand located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our core business is fish trading – from some of Indonesia’s finest vessels and factories to the local and export market. We have strict focus on quality of both the product and services that we offer to our customers. Moreover, we have close relationship… is your ultimate hub for the latest updates on electric cars and motorcycles (molis). Explore the newest articles, diverse brand information on molis, and user reviews on vehicles all in one place! Stay informed with the cutting-edge news and insights on the future of electric transportation at

Ailsya Hijab

Ailsya Hijab is a prominent Indonesian hijab brand, renowned for its nationwide presence. Specializing in cool and soft fabric materials, it offers a wide range of hijabs that cater to diverse preferences. Ailsya’s collection is cherished for its comfort and style, making it a top choice for women across Indonesia.

The Kalimaya

Private Modern Living @ Pamulang Kalimaya Park embraces a contemporary residential concept, emphasizing ideal space functionality while maintaining compactness. Prioritizing well-placed openings to ensure ample natural light and ventilation within the living areas. Its simplicity and ‘one-sided roof’ design define architectural beauty with elegance and character. A singular focal point serves as a contrasting element…

Grapari Telkomsel Malang

Creating a work portfolio for Grapari Telkomsel Malang involved curating and showcasing content promotion outcomes. This included marketing campaigns, social media strategies, and customer engagement initiatives. The portfolio highlighted successful content creation, audience engagement, and conversion rates, reflecting the impact on Telkomsel’s brand and business in Malang. It served as a comprehensive documentation of achievements…


The philosophy behind “HEYDRO” derives from the fusion of two key elements: “Hydro,” representing water, the source of life, and the largest constellation in astronomy’s history, “Hydra.” Driven by the visionary duo of Donny Aprilino and Hery Yunanto, the name “HEYDRO” embodies their partnership (HEry Yunanto & Donny ApRilinO) as well as their vision. The…